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A high-end photo editing tool

Pixlr is a free Windows photo editor created for designers, photographers, and social media influencers. The easy-to-use tool comes with an array of features neatly placed in an intuitive photo editing dashboard. Since it’s a web-based application, you can easily access your work from any smartphone or tablet. All images stored on the platform remain private and the system doesn’t create any copies. The program is available for download on Android and Mac devices.

What is Pixlr?

Pixlr is a photo editing software designed Flash, so you would need to download the plug-in to start editing pictures. Once downloaded, you’ll get access to editing tools ranging from basic to advanced. With its help, you can remove backgrounds, access chronology, crop pictures, add effects, borders, overlays, and do much more! You can even use the touch-ups function to edit images quickly.

Intuitive interface

When you download the Pixlr photo editor, you get unrestricted access to its intuitive dashboard. The palette on the left side shows movable panels for editing tools, layer previews, and other functions. You can easily shift these panels around to suit your editing preferences. Apart from panels, the program comes with a history tool using which you can scroll through your actions, and undo or redo steps you don’t want.

Moreover, the program lets you edit all aspects of any image you upload automatically with the quick-fix function. If you do edit images manually, you can tweak colors, add exposure and borders, and see layers of your edits with the overlays function. Pixlr also lets you remove red-eye from images, add vibrance or blur, and get rid of different sections from the background if you don’t want them in your pictures.

How to use Pixlr?

When you complete the Pixlr download, you come across an interface that is easy-to-use and maneuverable. Options like auto-fix, sharpen, brighten, contrast, rotate, and crop are quite accessible and let you edit images quickly and effectively. Additionally, you can use the photo editing application to add an image over an existing picture and remove or redo actions using the history function. You can also download the Pixlr Chrome Extension.

Add effects to images

Pixlr makes it easy to add different effects to pictures. The program comes with a range of effects categories, which are further divided into subcategories. You can add effects to your images using the Default effects function, or use the Creative, Subtle, Soft, Unicolor, Vintage, and Too Old buttons. Each category contains over ten more effects, with quirky names like Hagrid, Helena, Fred, and more.

Revamp pictures with overlays

Similar to effects, the program offers a variety of overlay options with additional subcategories. If you’re a beginner, you can start with the Default overlay category and make changes to your image. However, if you wish to add a range of overlays to your images, you get the option of Fireworks, Smoke, Light Paints, Leaking HD, Color Correction, Space, and more.

Change or update image borders

With the help of the Pixlr app, you can change the borders of all your pictures. This is a great functionality as it lets you add a unique touch to your Instagram pictures. While the software doesn’t have as many border categories as effects or overlays, it does offer categories like Default, Grunge, Ink, Pattern, Grunge, Nature, Square, Round, Ripped Paper, and more.

Edit images automatically

In case you want to use the Pixlr editor to apply filters and edits, but without manual effort, you can do that too! The program comes with a ‘quick fixes’ function that edits and adds touch-ups to the uploaded image. This function is quite user-friendly as it gives beginners ample time to familiarize themselves with Pixlr’s advanced editing functions.

How to add fonts to Pixlr?

Pixlr download allows you to easily add text to your images. Once added, you can effortlessly change the font of the text, increase the size, or explore different styles using the existing editing panels. You can even change the color of the text as per your requirement. With the help of this function, you can effortlessly create invitation cards, posters, website images, as well as banners for your Facebook profile.

How to rotate text in Pixlr?

While you can easily rotate an image in Pixlr, rotating the text on an image is a little complicated. To rotate an image, you need to tilt it from the corners and place it in a position that you require. However, if you wish to rotate any text, you first need to turn it into a layer. This means that the text section needs to first become an image. Once that happens, you can rotate it just as you would rotate an image.

How to resize an image in Pixlr?

If you wish to resize an image in Pixlr photo editor, you need to open an image and choose the image size option to enter the required size. You can even do this using the in-built sliders that let you preview the size of the image before accepting it. Pixlr also offers a constrained increase in size, such that you adjust the height and width of a picture, and the application does the rest.

How to remove background in Pixlr?

One of the best functions available in Pixlr is the background image removal function. This AI-powered tool lets you remove the background from your photographs, including selfies. You can even use this function to remove backgrounds from multiple images in one go. Pixlr also offers a magic wand that lets you edit specific sections of an image using different colors.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes, if you’re looking for Pixlr alternatives, you should check out Photoshop, Gimp, Lightroom, and PicsArt.

Should I download Pixlr?

If you’re looking for a free photo-editing tool that lets you edit all your pictures, irrespective of where you might use them, you should download Pixlr. It features effects, overlays, background image removal, among others, and also offers an automatic edit function. The editing application comes with a range of useful features that are suitable for both beginner and advanced users.


  • Free to download
  • Lightweight program
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Automatic edit function


  • May seem complicated to beginners

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Pixlr for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2021
  • 3.8

  • (861)
  • Security Status

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